Ticket Tool Integration

This is currently an experimental feature

PnyxBot can be configured to automatically post an interactive component to all Ticket Tool ticket channels on creation. The goal of this is to encourage community members creating support tickets to first ask PnyxBot before reaching out directly to a mod.

Ticket Tool Configuration

Important Step!

In order for this feature to function, you must enable it in the settings page, and the give PnyxBot a Ticket Tool support role. You can create or use an existing support role. You can find the settings for this at the bottom of the Panel menu.

The support role can not be the PnyxBot role! Create a new role or use and existing support role and give it to PnyxBot

The support role given to PnyxBot needs to have at least View Channel, Send Message, and Embed Links permissions set in the TicketTool permission panel for Support Opened.

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