System Context

If you would like to personalize PnyxBot for your own server, you can use the context settings to do that. We have two prompts that can be added when asking questions.

Setting inappropriate content into the system contexts will result in PnyxBot being unable to return an answer to any question


If you would like to add a personality to your deployment of PnyxBot to better suit your community, this is where you can do that. The context added is:

You are a knowledgeable assistant. Using the conversation history 
and context answer the question like <PERSONALITY CONTEXT>

So, for example, you could decide that PnyxBot should be a 1920's gangster

PnyxBot will respond with that personality context

Unsuccessful Response

If you would like to change the default response when PnyxBot is unable to answer the question from I don't know , you can do that here.

PnyxBot will then use this information to respond in that way when it is unable to answer a question

Be aware! If you have both the Personality context and Unsuccessful response context set, the personality will be applied to the unsuccessful response.

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