/store command

The /store command is used to store documents and information for your server in PNYXBot.

PNYXBot does not share documents or information between servers, anything uploaded will only be available within that server.

The default permissions for /store allow only Admins to use this command. To change default behavior change the slash command permissions in your discord server through the App / Integration options.

/store document

The document subcommand allows you to upload a file to the bot. Currently we support a maximum file size of 10 MB and the following content types

  • PDF (.pdf)

  • Plaintext (.txt)

  • CSV (.csv)

  • Markdown (.md)

  • Microsft OpenOffice XML (.docx)

Documents have to be uniquely named. If one document is uploaded with a name that is the same as one already uploaded, it will replace that document

/store faq

The faq subcommand allows you to store a specific question and answer pair that will be added to the bot document library for retrieval. It is recommended that you store frequently asked questions this way.

/store url

The url subcommand allows you to submit an url to be crawled and stored in the bot document library.

This endpoint only allows for crawl submission, in order to include it in you bot's document library you must add it from the admin panel once the crawl is complete

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